LLC Brewing Company «Staraya Krepost»
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LLC Brewing «Staraya Krepost»
309210 Korocha, st. Doroshenko, 20.
Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00


New packaging

New packaging

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    Staraya Krepost (light, filtered)
    This pasteurized light filtered beer has an inviting golden color, rich malty flavor, and instantly recognizable hoppy bitterness. Dense and aromatic, the brew boasts a thick foam that lingers in a glass for a long time for you to enjoy.

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    Staraya Krepost (dark, filtered)
    This pasteurized dark filtered beer with dense creamy foam stands out through its tart — yet delicate — aroma. The beer has multi-layered aroma and malty flavor with caramel notes. Distinct bitterness is achieved by mixing roasted barley and generous amounts of premium German hops.

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    Staraya Krepost Premium (light, filtered)
    This light filtered brew has been bestowed numerous awards at international tasting events. With its tantalizing amber color, Staraya Krepost Premium has a vibrant hoppy aroma, pure malty flavor, and delicate hoppy bitterness with light caramel notes.

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