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LLC Brewing «Staraya Krepost»
309210 Korocha, st. Doroshenko, 20.
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New beverages are already here

New beverages are already here

Cocktail line Belogorie Spring

  • 1.png

    Icy Tropics Cocktail is asweet fruity mix with fine balance of juicy peach, delicate pineapple, and tart kiwi. Ideal refreshment on a hot day.The beverage boasts a rich flavor and multi-layered aftertaste.

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    Strawberry Mojito Cocktail has an enjoyable sweet and sour taste and finely balanced aroma of citrus, strawberry, and mint. The beverage contains refreshing strawberry juice and is low in calories.The aftertaste is dominated by invigorating minty notes. Your best ingredient for delicious cocktails is already here!

Flavored soft drinks Belogorie Spring

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    Ripe Cherry is an aromatic and intense beverage with a distinct cherry flavor. No added sugar, no calories. There’s no better way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Great choice for both adults and kids. Drink it cool and get carried away by a fruity wave!

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    Pear. Pear is a delicious fruit that is rich in vital nutrients and vitamins.This beverage with strong pear flavor is a delight for those who love carbonated drinks. Taste this amazing beverage and let its refreshing, invigorating flavor do the magic.

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